Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Unforgettable Journey on Mahindra SUV

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                       It was the summers of 2006.I think it was the month of august . My husband being from transferable job got a chance to visit the most beautiful part of India - Leh Ladakh  . It happened by chance that I also had my summer vacations and he took me along to Leh . As both of us are from north India we had some idea of the weather there . And besides that we had some friends along with us who were joining us on that trip. By gathering all information about clothing and other things to be taken along I started preparing for the trip enthusiastically .
                         Finally the day arrived,when we reached Leh by air from Chandigarh . My husband was busy in his work for the whole day so we could not go any where that day . I decided to put up in the hotel along with my son aged 3 years  for that day .I spent the whole day having the fresh feel of the pure air of Leh . It was decided that we would go for sight seeing and visiting the monasteries early in the morning next day. For that purpose my husband along with his friends hired Mahindra SUV . Leh is situated at high altitude and has very tedious road structure and it is very difficult to move in that terrain with light vehicles . I was very curious  and excited about my trip .
                         Next morning  my family and other friends got ready at 7 ' o clock in the morning. our vehicle reached at time and we all the passengers boarded it to move around in the valley . Our driver might be in his early forties was a ladahki guy named Dorjee . He had kept his vehicle clean and decorated like a newly wed bride . As soon as we boarded the vehicle we felt at home and hence started our 'incredible trip'. 
                        He first took us to local monasteries and Shanti Stupa . While driving he was telling us about the life style of that region and the hard ships they under go during tough winters. It was around 11 '0 clock he told us about the 'World's highest motorable road- Khardungla Pass' . I also had read about it in National Geographical Magazine . When I came to know about it I started looking for my camera so that i could click photo graphs on that peak point . It was around one and half hour journey from Leh . It was planned that after visiting to Khardungla Pass we will come back to our hotel . 
                       We reached only half the way when weather started packing up . The weather conditions there are a lot unpredictable . Before starting from Leh we all put on our jackets , caps and gloves to avoid the cold at such a high altitude . I made my son wear double layer of woolens to avoid any dire situation . besides that we also had kept a blanket with us for children to cover. Our driver told us to go back to Leh when he saw the changing weather but moved ahead after our repeatedly forced him to go . He stared telling us the story of the travelers  stuck up on that road for more than 24 hours when no assistance could reach them because of heavy snowfall.
                    It was half past 12 when snow fall stated and nothing was visible .Every mountain , tree and even the road  was all smeared in white garb  of snow . Initially we were enjoying the snow fall but after some time it started showing its effect by the needle like chills piercing through our packs of woolens . The children started crying vehemently and we tried to make them warm by wrapping in the blanket . Suddenly we heard the loud noise from out side . Listening to that the driver at once put the brakes of the SUV to stop immediately.  As we looked out of our car we saw a military truck . Its tyres were skidding because of slippery roads due to heavy snow fall . It felt difficulty in moving froward . even our driver was also having the same problem but he managed it smartly . Because of the military truck the traffic of both the sides could not move . Meanwhile snow fall got even worse than before. It was now half past one and every body was feeling hungry. 
                    We were sitting in the SUV waiting for the road to be cleared . To keep us busy our driver stared telling the stories of people stuck up there and how they got help from army persons who are always on duty there . While he was telling all this suddenly  I saw a truck fallen in the deep valley which was around one kilometer deep . The truck looked like a small pebble. I asked him about the fallen truck as our vehicle was only few feet away from the edge of that deep valley . What he told me, I will explain it in hindi as only this could do the justice to his exact words .I said : " Bhaiya . ye yahan kaise gira aur ye yahan kab gira tha?" . He replied in a typical Ladakhi accent : " Ooo !! Mem shaab ,ye road bara danger hai . Yahn koi agar shardee mein girdta hai to ushkaa boody nahi milta hai . Body braf mein dabb jataa hai aur jab garmi aata hai to baraf pighaltaa hai to ushkaa pataa chaltaa hai............bahoot danger hai mem shaab .........agar tum gir jattaaaaa hai to haddi bhi nahi miltaa . Bahoot log marta hai yahan aa kar......koi baat nahi hum tum shab ko theek theek pahuncha degaa wapis......"
                         As I heard this story I got goose bumps with fear even in that extreme cold  . After listening to all his narration when I again had a look on that fallen truck I felt the vertigo and closed my eyes tightly like a pigeon . I hold my husband with great force to get my self relieved of that fear. We kept waiting there for  two  more hours . The chilling winds were showing the effect and we all were in dire need of some hot tea . But at that highest road of the world two army men came to our vehicle like angels sent by God . They came from the near by camp by foot to assist the army truck . They came with two big flasks of hot tea and some biscuits  to give it to the army men in the the truck . When they saw our vehicle stranded near by with ladies and children in it , they also served us tea and biscuits. I had the tastiest tea of the world on the highest motor able road of the world .
                        After 2 more hours the weather cleared up and a snow cutter of army came to clear up the road for vehicles to move further. When the road was cleaned and cleared ,  our SUV moved to the top of KHARDUNGLA PASS which was only  800 meters from our stuck up point . We got out of the vehicle and clicked some photos and thanked the army men who helped us at that point of time .

                       Its been now six years to that incident but it is still afresh in my memory like it was six years back . My story is incredible and the credit goes to MAHINDRA for making such a wonderful SUV which brought us safely back from that rugged terrain  and to the ARMY men who helped us like angels . 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Imagination

Sometime My Imagination is a beautiful  lady ,
and thoughts poured in sentences are her body.
The lady dances to my tunes like a puppet ,
and only I how and when to stop it.
Sometimes it becomes a dream unfulfilled... ,
and my fancies know ......in it how different colors
                                     can be filled.
So my thoughts become the different shades of these colors. 
 And lend me charm ,happiness and a feeling of satisfaction
................. to make my dream come true to the perfection                                          

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Window

O my dear! little airy Window,
You are the most charming corner of my room,
from where I can see flowers in full bloom.
sunlight which passes through you...
...............gives my cheeks a rosy hue .

The fresh breeze when touches my face
...fills my imagination with divine grace.
Through you I can see creatures moving around,
And I can hear God's music in nature's lovely sounds. 

You give me a Great view of the beautiful and green pastures;
Thanks for being my door to the happiness through Mother Nature.

Friday, March 11, 2011


 छुपा कर रखा था मन में कुछ सवालों को ,
 सहेज कर रखा था कुछ उलझे ख्यालों को , 
 लगता है बस थमी सी चल चलती है जिंदगी 
                                                 सालों से  ,
 कयूं मकड़ी सी उलझी लगती है अपने ही 
                                                 जालों में ?
 ये जाल अपने ख्यालों से जो हमने बुना है  ,
 कई सवाल जिनमे खुद को बे वजह ही फंसा रखा है |
 न जाने , कब वो दिवाली आएगी ?
 जब कोई पाक रूह ये जाला हटाएगी....
 अपनी ही कैद में फंसी जब ये जिंदगी , 
 खुले पंछीकी तरह बेख़ौफ़ हवा में गोते लगाएगी |


Friday, November 19, 2010


The days were more golden ...................
.........................the rainbow more colorful
And those days were happy and  bright,
with a charm of being in blissful delight.
No big deals nor big dreams were there;
except of getting a new doll and a pair
                      of bright red sandals..........
which I wanted to add to my life's little joy bundle.
No reality I knew of this world to which I was born,
As nothing was in existence....................................
                      except the world other than my own.
It was like roaming in a fairy tale and living in a dream. 
And the time kept passing like a flowing stream.
The stream enjoying its peaceful and bubbly way;
knowing nothing about vast Sea where it is going to lay.
One day a realization came and made me uneasy
...and my bundle of little joys was no more with me.
The joy of being a child .........................................
living in its own world with a great pride.
but this was a passing vision..................
underneath which a hard reality was  hidden.
The stream which felt its way steady and smooth;
At last embraced the Sea of bitter truth.
The truth I felt when I grew a little old.................
that every thing looking golden is not always a Gold.
Now I have seen this life with experiences hard and soft.
And  at last the stream with in me realized that is has
to move , move and move...to meet the Vast Sea ,as it can not stop.

Stream has its  identity because a Sea is there;
And without the existence of this world I stand nowhere.

Monday, October 18, 2010


रंगबिरंगी दुनिया का मेला देखन 
छुटकी चल दी ..............................
माँ की उंगली , पिता का साथ लिए 
भीड़ में वो आगे बढ़  ली ..............
क्या रोशनी ,क्या चहल -पहल ,
क्या रंग , नज़ारे  अलग - अलग ,
हैरान  हो ये सब छुटकी   देखन  लगी  |

माँ ! ये गुडिया , बाबा ! ये झूला 
मुझे भी है लेना ..........................
ना  बेटी ! ये न किसी काम का, 
फिर कभी ले लेना.........................
चलो , फिर कभी इस  गुडिया से 
मै खेलूंगी .......................................
अगली बार ही सही , कोई बात नहीं 
मै ये झूला ले लूंगी |

रुको माँ ,इसे  पकड़  कर तो मै 
देख लूँ ................................. 
बाक़ी  बच्चों को झूला लेते देख ही 
मै ऑंखें  सेक लूँ ....................
मन में  ये सोच छुटकी बोली यूं ,
कोई बात नहीं , माँ -बाबा  मै 
बड़ी सयानी हूँ .................. 
जब अगली बार  आप  के खेत फसल 
अच्छी होगी , 
तब ये गुडिया भी मेरी होगी  |

इतना कह छुटकी आगे  मेले में  बढ़ दी ,
और माँ -बाबा  की  ऑंखें  आंसू से भर दी ,
क्यों दिखाई  रंगीन दुनिया इतनी.................
ये भोली "लाडो" को..................................
जो इतनी जल्दी गयी वो सयानी  हो |

फिर छुटकी रंग -बिरंगी  दुनिया के मेले
में ग़ुम हो गयी......................................
आगे बढ़ चली वो भीड़ में ,
मन में सपने संजोये  कई ...................
 इक दिन जरूर वो गुडिया  मुझे 
मिलेगी कभी |


Friday, October 8, 2010


O'Mumma, I miss you!
Want to hug and kiss you.
When I came to this world ,
You took me in your arms' hold.
YOU made me grow 
and lend me your eternal glow.

You are there that's why I am here,
On this earth so splendid and beautiful.
without you this world,
would have been gray and dull .

When I look at  you,
feel like a small child,
Because I know you are there
In whom I can always confide.

Ma ,you are an Ocean,
And I am your tiny wave. 
You are a Banyan tree,
I feel  relaxed and care free,
in whose shade.

GOD- I have never seen
but you are my God incarnated 
in to being my mother.
Be my guiding star,my friend and 
my healer.
I fear nothing,
No worry , no care
Till the time with me you are there.
So Be my inspiration
As your very presence is the Eternal bliss
O dear MOM , I want your warm hug and kiss .