Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Salesman

Today was Sunday and in the lazy afternoon when every body was enjoying the afternoon siesta my door bell rang.  I went to open  the door to know who could come at such a time and when I opened it I saw a man of 25-26 standing over there holding a travel bag. He was a salesman .After opening the door when I gave him a glance and he hesitantly asked me to give him 1 or 2 minutes so that he could show me the products he was selling .Although I had all the things with me that he was selling but being a little bit humane on my part I didn't have the courage to say no to him. When anybody doesn't like to be disturbed on Sundays ,he was going door to door to sell off his things so that he may earn something  for him self. On seeing him I felt that he must be in a great despair for doing work like this fully knowing that he might have to face insulting remarks like:"get lost. don't disturb us .Is it the time to disturb anybody?"
                                                                I saw a pain on his face and humbly told him that we had already all the things which he was showing.I asked him  for the glass of water and he went away. Here the question is not of buying the things from that person  but it was of that of  your behavior and conduct towards other human beings .When one has some personal motif from the other being he would definitely be kind and soft in his conduct towards him. But we should always see GOD in other living beings irrespective of our own needs and requirements, for who knows when GOD is there at your door-steps. TO BE HUMBLE ,KIND ,SOFT AND CONSIDERATE IS HUMANE AND GODLY ,WHICH IS THE  ONE AND ONLY DIRECT WAY BE ONE WITH GOD.  Try it with yourself and see how immense pleasure it gives you.

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