Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi Friends,
                 Its been almost four months since I have put anything in writing. All those previous months have taught me a lot about  relations and life around. Going through a turmoil in the surroundings,I have started looking at life in a very different way. The life is not so easy as it seems to us. We have so many influences around us  which directly or indirectly affect us. I also went through such an indirect influence  a few days back that left an impact on my mind. I was upset for many days and a hidden fear of death used to haunt me. I wanted to get rid of it and my resolution of not getting disturbed and the way my father helped me getting over it helped me a lot.I started looking at the HALF GLASS FILLED rather looking at it HALF EMPTY . Now  after this change in  the attitude ,I feel more energetic ,confident and full of zeal to face the darker aspects of the life.
             So my dear friends always be positive and confident .Never criticize the negative and dark .White is there because we know there is Black in existence.Without tasting the bitter we would not be able to taste the sweet. FEAR is your enemy and Faith in ALMIGHTY is your true friend. Your own personality is the greatest friend and foe of your life.Now decision is yours which one you choose:  A friend or An enemy.

                                          BE POSITIVE AND BE HAPPY.

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