Thursday, August 19, 2010

LIFE- AS IT IS.............

Hi friends ,
                   Its been long time back when  I had  put anything here out of my mind for you. Life is very busy and in the hum drum of life we often forget to give a few precious moments to our creativity. We should let  our thoughts flow on the paper to give a shape to our imagination.
                 Today I was musing over my past ,especially the  time spent with my siblings and my parents . In the initial years of life what a child  sees around , it definitely bears an impact on his or her personality. The parents are the first thing  he looks around when he comes out of the womb of his mother. This is his first step in to the world of civilization . After parents come other family members like siblings ,grand parents ,family friends and other acquaintances . The overall personality of a being is the amalgamation of all the influences which one feels and under goes during these formative years.
                 Besides this, other things which shape our social and individual behavior are the kind of food we eat and the atmosphere we live in. If a person is living in the surroundings where everybody is abusing and using foul and filthy language, the child will naturally pick it up . On the other hand to a child  born in singers' family, music will become his  soul and passion.  It might be possible that he is not as perfect as others around him,but a little practice can give a sparkle to his singing talent.
               Similarly , I had a great impact of my parents on my personality. What I am today is because of my mother and father. They have taught me to be patient and optimistic. Optimism is the greatest of all virtues which can make you shine like a Sun even in the darker times of life. It can change your perspective to look at the world.  The best thing  I have learnt from my father is to be happy and positive and make others  also feel that. I feel a kind of solace and happiness when my words give a healing touch to somebody who is in pain and misery.
                 The conclusion is, what you want to be in your life, is decided  only by  your personality and the way you perceive things in life and the surroundings. This is the  reason why Great persons are always revered. 

                            THANKS FOR HOLDING MY HAND AND TEACHING ME
                  THROUGH THEM.

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  1. hmm thats interesting... well that is the thing upbringing of a person is reflected in his personality....