Friday, October 8, 2010


O'Mumma, I miss you!
Want to hug and kiss you.
When I came to this world ,
You took me in your arms' hold.
YOU made me grow 
and lend me your eternal glow.

You are there that's why I am here,
On this earth so splendid and beautiful.
without you this world,
would have been gray and dull .

When I look at  you,
feel like a small child,
Because I know you are there
In whom I can always confide.

Ma ,you are an Ocean,
And I am your tiny wave. 
You are a Banyan tree,
I feel  relaxed and care free,
in whose shade.

GOD- I have never seen
but you are my God incarnated 
in to being my mother.
Be my guiding star,my friend and 
my healer.
I fear nothing,
No worry , no care
Till the time with me you are there.
So Be my inspiration
As your very presence is the Eternal bliss
O dear MOM , I want your warm hug and kiss .



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